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If sinners are to be banned from the highest positions, how many bishops will be left or, for that matter, how many archdeacons? - Patrick Nicholls, Tory MP, following comments by the Archdeacon of York that the Prince of Wales was not fit to become King because of his alleged affair with Camilla Parker Bowles

The idea of the Princess of Wales as the passive victim of media intrusion won't wash - David Starkey, constitutional expert

The character of Scrooge used to be pitied and reviled. Were he alive today he would probably be included in the New Year honours list for services to British industry - Chris Pond,

director of the Low Pay Unit

I do think certain timeless messages should be hammered home when sex education is taught - John Patten, Education Secretary

Ian Lang (the Scottish Secretary) is creating karaoke councils - every council will play the same tune, but none will have any real voice - Andrew Welsh, Scottish Nationalist MP

Any more of this and I move to England - Zsa Zsa Gabor, after being ordered to pay more libel damages to Elke Sommer

It would probably prove that most members of this House are mentally impaired - Lord Stallard, commenting on the medical assessment required for awarding the new incapacity benefit

People with posh accents have become a threatened species in this country - Lord Deedes

As I mention the word Gatt I can hear viewers switching off all over Britain - Sir David Frost

A man pleaded guilty yesterday to criminal damage to an egg sandwich - first paragraph of a news item in the 'Daily Telegraph'