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In retrospect, I rather wish I had sent the watch with its now famous message to you - Michael Mates in his resignation letter to the Prime Minister

I have stated before and I reiterate today that I believe Mr Mates has acted with complete propriety in raising with the Attorney General the concerns that had been put to him about Mr Nadir's case - John Major, announcing he had accepted Mr Mates's resignation 'with regret'

This is not the end of the Rosyth story. It is the beginning of a promising new chapter - Ian Lang, Secretary of State for Scotland, after Devonport won the Trident contract

The decision is a bitter blow for the men and women of Rosyth and it is a betrayal of the promises given by previous Tory defence secretaries - George Foulkes, the Labour spokesman on defense

As I get older I find I am more and more sensitive to atmosphere. I do think the atmosphere of a building is enormously important - the Prince of Wales, opening the new Tate Gallery in St Ives, Cornwall

Me Mum wants you - Lee Fottles, seven, to the Princess of Wales as he steered her towards his parents during her tour of South Normanton, Derbyshire

Virginia Bottomley is beginning to resemble the grim reaper dressed up as Florence Nightingale - Tony Banks, Labour MP

My close and honourable friend - most of the time] - raises a point of great concern in his constituency - Mrs Bottomley replying to a Commons question from her fellow MP and husband, Peter