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Poor John Major. His only achievement has been to harmonise his VAT rate with his poll rating . . . at 17.5 per cent - Gordon Brown, shadow Chancellor

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the barmiest of them all? - John Smith, suggesting what John Major should ask

I feel like the Birmingham Six. I'm free again - Tony Benn after being voted off Labour's national executive

I think this judgment might actually help to hammer home the fact that when a woman says 'no' she means no - Woman victim, after her 'date', the solicitor Angus Diggle, was jailed for three years for attempted rape

I think the United States and the free world ought to hang in there - Bill Clinton, reiterating his support for Boris Yeltsin

She has fallen from the dizzy heights of press adoration to the bottom of the Daily Telegraph's political sincerity league - David Blunkett on Virginia Bottomley

I think that in this day and age you have to be more anarchic - Steve Wright, Radio 1 disc jockey

Being fat has always meant being downwardly mobile, especially for women. Society discriminates against people of size - Karen Stimson, director of Largesse, an organisation that fights discrimination against heavier people

If the Arabs and Israel can do it, we can do it - Woody Allen, asking Mia Farrow to settle their child custody battle

What's half an inch between friends? - Tom McNally, after Hugo Vilhen beat his record for crossing the Atlantic in the smallest craft