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I think he's just trying to thumb his nose at the rest of the world, and he's not going to get away with it - President Bush on Saddam Hussein

There comes a time when behaviour you dislike becomes behaviour you can no longer tolerate, and it has become clear in the last few days that the Iraqis have crossed that line - John Major

They are not there to fight their way to Armageddon and back, they are there to escort food and medicines where it is needed - Whitehall source on decision to send British troops to guard UN food convoys in Bosnia

That is the way the Muslim nation is. Have you read the Koran? - Simo Drljaca, police chief of Omarska, Bosnia, explaining that emaciated Muslim inmates at the Omarska detention camp are naturally thin because their religion bars pork and dictates a month-long fast each year

These totally false and outrageous allegations have sickened me so I felt that, for the sake of all my three children, I must try and remove them from an atmosphere so unhealthy it can surely leave irreparable scars - Woody Allen denying suggestions of child abuse

I have come so perilously close to a genuine meltdown of my very core . . . I see now that I have spent long years with a man who had no respect for everything I hold sacred - not for my family, not for my soul, not for God or my goals - Mia Farrow writing to a friend, Maria Roach

The photographs strip away the lies, humbug and hypocrisy that have surrounded the Duchess's relationship with Mr Bryan - 'Daily Mirror' editorial

We have so many things we want to do in real life - Barbara Bush, who will not be 'heartbroken' if her husband loses his bid for re-election

His need is greater than mine. I just hope he doesn't mind the mustard my wife put in them - Magistrate Dudley Thomas, who gave his lunch to a down-and-out appearing before him