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There is an innate need to know what people around us are doing. Dogs sniff each other's tails, humans listen to other people's phone calls - Bob Grove, publisher of the magazine 'Monitoring Times', on the 'Dianagate' tapes

I've got the biggest royal story since the abdication of the King - Cyril Reenan, retired bank manager, who was reported to have recorded a telephone conversation allegedly between the Princess of Wales and an admirer

It is not a story we can take seriously - a Buckingham Palace spokesman, commenting on the tapes

I could not believe my eyes when I saw my poor sister Zahra; she was in a terrible state. If I could raise the money I would go to Somalia tomorrow to try and find Zahra and take her somewhere safe - Mahdi Ali, a Somali living in Middlesbrough, after seeing the skeletal figure of his sister on television

With so many opportunities to make a strong green voice heard outside the Green Party, I see no point in squandering my time, energy and spirit fighting endless redundant skirmishes behind the Green Party barricades - Sara Parkin, announcing she will not stand the party's leadership election

I am a loony, totally and utterly insane. But when I look around at 'sanity' in the world today, I thank God I am a loony - David Icke, speaking at a crop circles conference in Salisbury

I'm not a retarded, underage flower who was raped, molested and spoiled by some evil stepfather, not by a long shot - Soon-Yi Previn, on her relationship with Woody Allen

A still voice says this is a stupid way to earn a living. On the other hand, I couldn't do a desk job; I'm the only BBC journalist who can't use a computer - Martin Bell, BBC television reporter, after being wounded by shrapnel in Sarajevo

I went from successful businessman to bankrupt in 12 hours - a Miami car dealer whose business was hit by Hurricane Andrew