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The Labour Party is not a preservation society. Those who seriously believe we cannot improve on words written for the world of 1918 when we are now in 1995 are not learning from our history but merely living in it - Tony Blair

Mr Blair is behaving like a spoilt child. He said he wanted a full debate in the Labour Party on reforming Clause IV, but what he really wants is a walkover - Jeremy Hanley, Tory chairman

If you sat the Duchess of York next to Henry VIII, you would have an interesting time deciding who was the most vulgar - Harold Brooks-Baker, managing director of Burke's Peerage

I am ashamed to say that I cannot forget and I cannot forgive" - Harold Payne, president of the National Federation of Far East Prisoners of War, backing the Government's decision to exclude the Japanese from events to mark the end of the Second World War

In the early days privatisation signified liberty, equity, prosperity. Now it's just a bunch of slobs stinging the consumer and putting each other's salaries up over a heavy lunch - Alan Clark

He was the first, he was the Governor - Ned Sherrin on Peter Cook

Chimpanzees are murderers, not because they are hungry or short of living space. It's just, "Why don't we go over the hill and fill in those bastards?" It was a great shock to many naturalists, but that's what they do - Sir David Attenborough