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This proves that the Tories are the party of high tax and low cunning - Peter Hain, Labour MP for Neath, on the 50p increase on prescription charges, sneaked out as the Northern Ireland peace framework document was published

Allowing only the biggest snouts in the trough discredits the free enterprise system. Greedy British bosses are making a Labour government inevitable - Andrew Neil, commentator

Many people ... would no more think of entering journalism than the sewage business, which at least does us all some good - Stephen Fry, actor

This document is a declaration of war on the Union and on the Unionist people - Ian Paisley, Democratic Unionist Party leader

It might explain the terrible plight of the former Soviet Union today if Michael Foot, or Michael Boot as we must now think of him, had secretly acted for it - Auberon Waugh, commentator

I consider myself lucky to be nondescript. It must be imprisoning to be a beautiful man - Clive James, television personality

Companies demand that women in regular positions think like men, act like ladies and work like dogs - a dissatisfied woman's report, part of a dossier compiled by the Japanese Working Woman Institute

The National Lottery, the latest vulgarisation of British life, thrives because the rewards are undeserved - Jeremy Paxman, television presenter

Let's face it, fashion is not really very important. It's a bit silly and frivolous. I mean it's only skirts and a few bags - Miuccia Prada, leading fashion designer