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I don't feel it's right to trade on my title - Prince Edward, who will present a television series on real tennis as Edward Windsor

The Queen's birthday is irrelevant to contemporary Australians - Michael Ward of the Australian Republican Movement

I have begun to lose interest in the whereabouts of Germaine Greer's uterus - Roy Hattersley, Labour's former deputy leader.

I don't envy those pounds 22m Lottery winners - I have got my son back - Emlyn Jones, father of Fusilier David Jones, 25, a British hostage released by the Bosnian Serbs

I have not yet found the money tree from which I can pick pounds 10 notes. Until that day if I spend, I tax. If I don't spend, I don't tax - Kenneth Clarke, Chancellor

Perhaps it was to be expected that Lady Thatcher would find a way of making money and mischief too. - Tristan Garel-Jones, Tory MP and a former Government whip

Insofar as we are down in the opinion polls, it is because we have not been Conservative enough - Baroness Thatcher

Anyone who thinks the Government is unpopular because it is not sufficiently right-wing is suffering from a severe ideological sickness - Lord Gilmour of Craigmillar, a former Cabinet minister