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A lot of lonely people come to a cathedral, and many of them need a hug - the Dean of Lincoln, cleared of 'conduct unbecoming a clerk in holy orders'

Fifty years after we took a stand against evil in Europe, the words 'never again' must not be allowed to become a mockery - Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter's security adviser, advocating US intervention in Bosnia

If I had been able to read the future, I would never have taken this job on - Sir Richard Greenbury, attacking his own committee's proposals for taxing share options

I do not like the crudity of the words rich and poor. Opera audiences I have seen are very often quite struggling, middle-class professional people and not rich toffs - Lord Gowrie, chairman of the Arts Council, entering the row about lottery cash for Covent Garden

Once advertisers have exhausted their fetish for the young, they'll start worrying about the old, especially those with money in their pockets. Instead of gay week, Channel 4 will have geriatric nights - Alan Yentob, controller of BBC1

I can still remember the sense of awe and wonder when I saw my first great crested newt - Ken Livingstone