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I never slept with anybody. I was awake all bloody night with them - Spike Milligan, recounting his experiences of the Fifties

The best committee is a committee of two with one away sick - Sir Wyn Roberts, Conservative MP

I don't see myself making 70. I'm like the workhorse. The harder you push it, the less life it's going to have - Marco Pierre White, 33, chef

I've always had this secret wish to go by rickshaw. I have visions of two people bicycling me along while I travel in one - the Prince of Wales on his ambition for an unusual form of travel to public engagements

There were moments when Mrs Thatcher would privately rage so ferociously against something the Government had done that you almost forgot she was Prime Minister - David Mellor

Almost nine out of 10 adults have one or more of the main risk factors for heart attacks and strokes, which can be reduced through changes in lifestyle - Baroness Cumberlege, junior health minister

His explanation will indeed be interesting when he emerges - Kenneth Clarke, Chancellor, on Nick Leeson, whose investments led to the collapse of Barings Bank

I'm the fall guy - I only blew £200m - Nick Leeson's reported claim to a friend

He ran away, true to a dealer's instinct - an American bank official in Singapore, on Leeson's disappearance