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I hope it will soon become smart for the British sneerers to join the rest of the human race in loving Mr Bean - John Casey, Fellow of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge

I love sleeping. My greatest talent. I once fell asleep on stage, playing a statue of Queen Victoria - Nichola McAuliffe, actress

The assumption is that because we are surrounded with a plethora of sexual messages in the media, people are enjoying healthy, happy, sexual relationships. That is not the case - Anne Weyman, of the Family Planning Association

They won't be like Alan Clark's diaries, but the fall of Heath and the rise of Thatcher should prove of interest. I think eight volumes should be about right - Lord St John of Fawsley, Tory peer, who is about to publish his memoirs

The English have a natural tendency to yobbishness. Ally this to collectivism, and you have a very nasty mixture - AN Wilson, author

Neil has taken to reading newspapers off the shelves in our local newsagent, but we always welcome copies of yesterday's from neighbours - Christine Hamilton announcing that her former Tory MP husband has been forced to cancel their newspaper subscriptions