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William Hague is the youngest old man in captivity - Sir Julian Critchley, former Tory MP

My family was always saving for a rainy day. They had nothing to save and it was always raining - Sir Peter Hall, theatre director

Women are among the most heated, heckling elements in Parliament. The idea we are going to be civilising is a joke - Ann Widdecombe, former Home Office minister

I love the idea of continental breakfast, a double Cognac, a packet of Gauloises and one of those big cake things to stub your fag out in - Jenny Eclair, comedienne.

I am an expert on things that are useless - Christine Hamilton, wife of the former Tory MP Neil Hamilton

Men need to exercise more self-control and understand that a woman has the right to change her mind at any time even if she is naked and swinging from a chandelier - Boy George, singer

I hope scientists will get a move on and find the gene which makes women unable to have their money ready by the time they reach the front of a queue - David Lockwood, of Leamington Spa, in a letter to `The Daily Telegraph'

I am very patient, so long as I get my own way in the end - Baroness Thatcher