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I doubt now whether anything can stop machines taking over our world - Kevin Warwick, professor of cybernetics, Reading University

I don't love the country, I want to go back because I love the people - Han Dongfang, Chinese dissident who was imprisoned and tortured after Tiananmen Square

I am happy to get out of the House of Commons - John Prescott, Labour's deputy leader, as he embarks on his nationwide election tour

The French are nostalgic for their royalty, you know. It's partly guilt. They killed their parents and they will never get over it - Prince Henri d'Orleans, heir to the non-existent French throne

We keyed in the Prince's name and the only thing that came up was a pub in Seattle. I think Charles was a little distressed - Martyn Lewis, BBC newsreader, describing an incident when he showed the Prince of Wales around an Internet facility for youngsters

They are very popular, lots of people like them. They are very hairy and take up lots of leg room - they've got 32 legs - spokeswoman at Dudley Zoo, where four tarantulas have been named, in honour of the election, John, Tony, Paddy and Alex, after the party leaders

I must have been the unlikeliest sex symbol ever. You couldn't see my face, but I was bombarded with letters from lovely ladies everywhere - Dave Prowse, who played Darth Vader behind a mask in `Star Wars'