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How can I be off message when I am the message? - John Major, retorting to spin doctors who had nervously chided him with being "very briefly" off message at a news conference

Our school-leavers today know how to operate a calculator but few can manipulate numbers. Does it matter? When this level of incompetence exists in the medical profession, people's lives are at risk - Prof Herbert MacGregor, Department of Zoology, University of Leicester

We finally have justice for Ron and Nicole - Fred Goldman, father of murdered Ron Goldman, after the OJ Simpson civil trial

There won't be no riot about OJ's verdict. We love OJ, but we don't need OJ. We need jobs - Mitchell Jackson, unemployed black engineer in Los Angeles

Having worked for 20 years for a party with no money and lots of policies, it's rather interesting to be in one with lots of money and no policies - Lord McAlpine, former Tory party treasurer, who defected to the Referendum Party

He had polyester sheets and I wanted to get cotton sheets. He discussed it with his shrink many times before he made the switch - Mia Farrow, on Woody Allen's dependence on psychotherapists

Life membership is no longer available - Voluntary Euthanasia Society newsletter