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There can be only one response to the spin doctor who tries to influence the content of a programme by threatening its editor. It should be succinct and consist of two words - John Humphrys, presenter of the BBC's `Today' programme and `On the Record'

I plead guilty to trying in the past to put a good spin on everything Labour does and I will continue to do so - Peter Mandelson, Labour MP and guru

If people think my brain does not work, only my mouth, then they make a mistake - John Prescott, Labour's deputy leader

People have got to trust politicians. What I say is what I will do - Gordon Brown, Shadow Chancellor

Tony Blair is a problem. Anyone on our side who doesn't think he is, is a fool - Lord Archer, Tory peer and best-selling author

We doubt whether the Labour Party will be able to tolerate the Blair leadership for very much longer - Ken Coates, Labour MEP

Dealing with Margaret Thatcher was like taking alternate hot and cold baths - Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany

I try to make the here and now as heavenly as possible in case there isn't one to ascend into when we're done. It's a kind of insurance - Michael Caine, actor