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Tony Blair can't have it both ways. He can't lecture me on loyalty one day and then turn the policies of the party upside down, just within 24 hours - Llew Smith, Labour MP, on the devolution referendum

Men don't seem to be up to much - basic slime really. All the most efficient, clever and funny people I meet are women - Stephanie Beacham, star of the TV series 'No Bananas'

The only thing worse than working in Slovakia is having a day off in Slovakia. There's no TV. I actually read the Bible from cover to cover - Dennis Quaid, film-maker

They wanted me to run down the street in high heels and suspenders but I think that was taking it a bit too far - Gary Lineker, former England football star, on his latest advert for crisps

It's like James Dean. If you die young, you live longer - fan at the Paris grave of the singer Jim Morrison, 25 years after he died, aged 27

Sadly, flowers have a very short life, but what is even sadder is that some children's lives are even shorter - Roger Moore, actor turned Unicef ambassador

One thing is certain: everyone is being taken for a ride on the Government's privatised railway - Clare Short, Shadow Transport Secretary