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I've been lucky all my life. Talk about jammy. But I've got this feeling that the best is yet to come - Paul McCartney

I don't like it. It is total dross. Every note reeks of wanting to make money - Jonathan King, radio presenter, on the Beatles' new record

There was no love. All you wanted was a cuddle and to be told you had done something good, even if it was only winning the egg and spoon race - Gary Glitter, rock star, on his years in a children's home

Stressed-out workers are no good to their families and no good to British business - John Monks, TUC general secretary, attacking government resistance to making paid holiday leave a legal right

I was asked in Japan recently not to predict the end of the world - they were nervous it might affect the stock market - Stephen Hawking, physicist, lecturing at the Royal Albert Hall

This may not be a just peace ... but in the world as it is, a better peace could not have been attained - Alija Izetbegovic, president of Bosnia

The longer she stays in Kensington Palace, the longer she goes on hurting herself - Andrew Morton, biographer of the Princess of Wales

I do not expect any more comments - John Major, after Nicholas Soames, armed forces minister, claimed the Princess was paranoid