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The figure for damages is . . . as small as you get in libel cases these days. It's certainly a moral victory, a very costly moral victory - Steve Platt, editor of the 'New Statesman', on the pounds 1,001 paid to John Major for reporting false rumours that he had an affair

It's a curious moral victory when it has cost them a quarter of a million pounds costs - John Major

We now have to question whether our maritime capability is being damaged beyond repair - Captain Richard Sharpe, editor of 'Jane's Fighting Ships', on the latest defence cuts

People don't want over-designed fashion. Our clothes almost look like something you might have made while watching Blue Peter - Joe Casely- Hayford, dress designer

It is not the easiest thing in the world making business people believe you are legit when you surname's Kray - Charles Kray

I just want to see men of kindness and vision and oratory. I long for someone to speak so that our hearts catch fire and we go, 'Yes] I'll do that,' instead of thinking, 'You tossers' - Joanna Lumley, actress, explaining why her heroes are the Dalai Lama and Bob Geldof

I've shaved off my moustache and people say I look a whole two days younger - Burt Reynolds, 57- year-old Hollywood star

I'm not a macho superstud. I did at 30 what I should have done at 17. Having been at public school, I had a lot of catching up to do - Chris Tarrant, television and radio personality, on the sexual temptations of stardom

At the moment they are madly in love. We can only pray for them - Dame Barbara Cartland at the wedding of her daughter, Raine, Countess of Spencer, to Count Jean-Francois de Chambrun


The quotation on modern fashion attributed to Joe Casely-Hayford in last Saturday's Quote Unquote column was in fact made by Wayne Hemingway of Red or Dead.