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What are you doing here? I'm always worried when you lot are around. You're looking for topless sheep.

The Prince of Wales, joking with photographers during a visit to a farm in Wales

When it's quiet I try to work out my shopping list for the weekend.

Commons Speaker Betty Boothroyd

There are three ages: young, middle-aged and "Oh, you look well".

Sir Denis Thatcher

This European Cup will be only six feet away from you at the end of this day, but if you lose this match you won't even be able to touch it.

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson rousing his players at half-time during the Champions' League final

The last thing we need is Michael Heseltine ruining this. He should just go to the House of Lords.

Henley mayor Michael Turner on the reported plot by local party members to oust the Europhile MP from his seat

Okay, there is a picture of Sophie Rhys-Jones taken with me topless, when we were all mucking about as loads of young guys do, loads of young girls do. So what?

Chris Tarrant

When I was asked to run I gave myself up to destiny, and accepted, as with an affair of the heart.

Sixties' sex symbol Gina Lollobrigida on her attempt to become a Euro MP