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We don't need a military who pick their nose and eat it. But we could never accuse the Russian armed forces of acting beyond the framework of the constitution.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on the conduct of the war in Chechnya

They're a rich country; they have had it easy since the war. Anyone would think the Nazis were a breed apart but they were all Germans.

Former PoW Harold Crooks, who is suing the German government for unpaid wages covering the time he was a slave labourer

When the fainthearts faltered and the wets wilted, the Sun did neither.

Baroness Thatcher celebrating 30 years of the newspaper

My problem with him is that while I was growing up in the Labour Party, and he and Arthur Scargill and Tony Benn were in control of the Labour Party, they almost knocked it over the edge of a cliff into extinction.

Tony Blair on Ken Livingstone

The messy and shambolic way this is being handled is like London itself: noisy, not well-managed, but terribly exciting.

Tony Travers of the LSE on Labour's selection procedure for mayoral candidates

The cardinal lesson of Srebrenica is that a deliberate and systematic attempt to terrorise, murder or expel an entire people must be met decisively with all necessary means.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in his report to the Security Council on the Bosnian conflict