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The Government carried blithely on, pouring millions of pounds into a higher education system that provides a valueless education to aimless students through courses offering minimal intellectual content and producing graduates that nobody wants.

Dr Peter Jones

recently retired from teaching classics at Newcastle University

Although terror can turn buildings to rubble and laughter to tears, it can never, will never, deter America from its purpose or presence around the globe.

Madeleine Albright

US Secretary of State

I am simply responding to demand from my clients. It's just a new idea for the promotional package we always offer in August.

Emile Cacciari manager of the Odeon

Hotel in Paris, which plans

to offer residents a free

'Diana death tour' to the Pont de l'Alma

The plan was to kill him any way we could ... we would have strangled him if we had to.

Cuban exile who plotted to kill Fidel Castro during the dictator's trip to the Dominican Republic

He stopped, turned and flew into a rage, kicking a nearby chair ... I thought he must have broken his foot.

Glenn Hoddle on Gazza's reaction to being left out of England's World Cup squad

Politicians won't come along to be questioned, as they wrongly assume that thorough interrogation will do them damage. So we just don't know who is a thoroughbred anymore, as they won't run in the Derby.

Brian Walden

former TV interviewer and

one-time Labour MP

The best tip she gave me was to stick my belly out on a low note and clench my bum-cheeks on a high one.

Spice Girl Mel Chisholm

on her mother's influence