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I don't see an end today in the deployment of B52s. It is beyond my comprehension what they are supposed to do in an ethnic conflict at the edge of the Balkans.

Dr Henry Kissinger on military intervention in Kosovo

The greatest problem is that he has had great difficulty in finding his bearings for a very long time and does not realise what is actually happening in the country.

Russian Communist leader Genady Zyuganov on Boris Yeltsin

Reason, rather than voicing the human orientation towards truth, has wilted under the weight of so much knowledge, and little by little has lost its capacity to lift its gaze to the heights.

Pope John Paul II

Food critics are seriously influential individuals, and that's fine as long as they discuss what is on the plate rather than the person who is cooking it.

Gordon Ramsay on why he threw out Sunday Times restaurant critic A A Gill

They sit independently. They listen independently. They weigh the arguments independently. Then they independently vote Conservative.

Lord Richard on hereditary peers

I have been in favour of Lords reform almost since I have been there, because any House which has me in it really needs its head examined.

The 7th Earl of Onslow

The tone of iron vituperation and gut-shuddering hatred are reminiscent of the fury of the Salem ministers roaring down on the Devil.

Playwright Arthur Miller on President Clinton's critics

I have no self-esteem, but the biggest ego in the world.

Mike Tyson

The pattern of [Paul] Gascoigne's life is terrifying. He will end up in the gutter, in prison, or he will die.

Addiction counsellor Steve Jacobs

Getting drunk is even seen as a synonym for entertainment. It is a basic component of Anglo-Saxon machismo.

Gazzetta Della Sport on Paul Gascoigne and the culture of English football