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The prevalent cultural norm of shopping around for happiness has seeped into the arena of personal relationships, imposing major strains on family life.

George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury, talking to the Mothers' Union

Wake up, wake up] It's no use waking up in January or February to find thousands dead from a humanitarian disaster.

Lord Owen calling for joint EC action in Bosnia

The Turks are lovely people, but they can be volatile.

Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United, before his team was knocked out of the European Cup

It's a very privileged and nice thing to be a journalist and journalists should check the facts.

Elton John after winning pounds 350,000 in libel damages from the 'Sunday Mirror'

It's a drag.

Cast member of 'Hair' commenting on its closure

He's obviously trying very hard indeed . . . He's very anxious to please.

Baroness Thatcher about Clinton, on CNN's 'Larry King Live'