Quotes of the Week

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A person who is drunk, and because she is drunk, consents to an act which she would not when sober, still consents. But a woman who is so drunk she has no understanding of what is happening cannot consent. - Judge Geoffrey Grigson summing up in the King's College students rape case

How can I put this delicately? Let me tell you the rude way. Yours was more like sub-urban prejudice than real Conservatism. - Brian Redhead to Baroness Thatcher on 'Today'

It looked like a domestic situation. - Van driver who witnessed a woman being robbed at gunpoint on the M25

We'll probably do a sequel now, Wall of Silence II, but we haven't decided which minority group to court the aggravation of: TV critics maybe. - Maurice Gran, co-writer of drama set in the Hasidic community

I think he is a genius. - Prince of Wales of Phil Collins on the Steve Wright show

She is not a thinker but she has an instinct which is often, especially in the other sex, a good substitute for thinking. - Enoch Powell on Baroness Thatcher, Thursday, at Edinburgh University

Scottish (Labour) MPs, steeped in an almost Nordic political culture, find it difficult to see the extent of (English) alienation. - Peter Shore, MP, on Scottish 'over-representation' in the Shadow Cabinet