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My government is a coalition.

John Major, talking to German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, when his voice was picked up by a rogue microphone at the G7 summit in Canada

She can't expect to have our respect when she's not in the 1st XV.

Joseph Martin, pupil at Rugby School, about the appointment of Louise Woolcock as head girl

[The law] is too slow, too complicated and above all, too expensive. A system which pays more in lawyers' fees than in compensation to accident victims is indefensible.

Lord Woolf, submitting his first recommendations on reform of the justice system

Even a pair of underpants can be worn with style.

Gianni Versace, designer of, among other things, underpants

Is Michael Heseltine destined to be always the bridesmaid, never the blushing bride? I think I can hear wedding bells.

Julian Critchley, Tory MP

Business, the City in particular, would be wise to build its contacts with Labour now when its bright sparks are eager to listen and learn, rather than later when policies have been set in stone.

Dudley Fishburn, Tory MP, in a briefing paper for industry and the City