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You don't have to be afraid of anything ... no panic please ... don't be afraid ... no one will harm you.

General Ratko Mladic, Bosnian Serb commander, to the Srebrenica refugees

My wife long ago forgave me. I hope others will follow her example.

Jonathan Aitken, MP

I am not a nutter and I am not a psychopath. It was a cry for help.

Robert Gipters, the teenager arrested after firing a starting pistol near John Major

Who is in charge of the Treasury and of tax policy. . . No 11, No 10 or No 10a Downing Street?

Gordon Brown, Shadow Chancellor in the House of Commons

I was brought up Irish ... it was very striking when I got off the plane. The words came to me "I'm home".

Marlon Brando, in Ballycotton, Co Cork, announcing his intention to seek Irish citizenship. And making a film

I nearly fell backwards when he said "yes".

Steve Fey, Clevedon Town FC manager after Sir Stanley Matthews agreed to play for them at the age of 80

Really Cool.

Joel Schumacher, American film director, on Leicester, where his film, 'Batman Forever', had its British premiere