Quotes of the week

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Tony was cooking, changing nappies and discussing economics with Gordon Brown on the phone.

A friend remembers Blair's household when Cherie was pregnant with her youngest child

It was a clich, but nothing else would have worked.

David Malone, director of `World in Action' on the use of a Chipperfield's camel in the programme's expos of Jonathan Aitken's links with Saudi Arabia

There's a definite puritanical streak emerging in today's new, improved Labour Party. All these dreadful Tory oiks are having a great time bonking their eyeballs out while we're being frog-marched to Bible classes.

Tony Banks, Labour MP

The passengers have been articulate and persuasive. This was the first time they had a chance of speaking out on one of the issues that affected them in the future of railways.

John Swift, rail regulator, explaining why he had decided to scrap plans to cut the number of stations selling tickets to all destinations

If the country wants a Parliament free of sexual transgressions and commercial adventure we could follow that old Middle Eastern tradition of being governed by eunuchs.

Alan Duncan, Tory MP