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I think this is probably a very fair deal all round.

Tory MP Winston Churchill, on the use of £12.5m of National Lottery cash to buy his grandfather's papers

Copyright is like a bishop's sexuality - a grey area.

Dr Piers Brendon, curator of the Churchill Archive at Churchill College, Cambridge

I am sorry that the present Churchill family did not feel able to follow the example of Churchill's widow, who made a gift to the nation of all her husband's post-war papers.

Chris Smith, Labour Heritage spokesman

Raffling the national record, and especially Churchill's part in it, is a disgrace. What next? HMS Belfast as a Japanese love hotel?

Norman Stone, Professor of Modern History at Oxford

When you have charabancs disgorging 500 Orientals wanting to see the grave, there has got to be some sort of management.

Peregrine Churchill, Sir Winston's nephew, on why the family needs money for the Oxfordshire grave.

Who's he?

Rupert Murdoch of Stephen Dorrell, minister who could restrict the growth of his television interests