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I've come to the theatre to learn how to govern the state.

General Alexander Lebed, sacked by Boris Yeltsin last Thursday, attending Tolstoy's 'Ivan the Terrible: a Tragedy in Five Acts' on Friday

Catholic social teaching is rooted deeply in the Old Testament when God said: 'I don't want sacrifices, I want justice for the poor.'

Monsignor Kieran Conry, head of the Catholic Media Office on 'The Common Good', a pre-election briefing for Catholics

He could have thrown the whole town into chaos. Nobody would have had a clue what time it was.

Police spokesman after a would-be thief scaled the clock tower of Barry Town Hall to steal the clock hands

We are at the moment happier than we have been in our lives. It is like falling in love but less complicated, and it is guaranteed to last for ever.

Clare Short and son, Toby Graham, on their reunion after 31 years

I think I have the most right of anybody to my husband's sperm.

Diane Blood, after the High Court dismissed her challenge to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority for use of her deceased husband's sperm without his written permission