quotes of the week

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The leader of the Labour Party said his priorities are "education, education, and education". Ours are the same, perhaps in a different order.

John Major, the Prime Minister

Never in my day. Not even in the Cabinet room. Have you ever tried to take off a frock coat in private, let alone in public? There just isn't the time, and it would look frightfully silly on television.

Lord Hailsham on John Major's "shirtsleeves" performance and what Disraeli might have made of it

This speech will get no coverage in the press or television news.

John Gummer, quoted everywhere (though the rest of his speech was not)

Soon we'll have an adulterers' Christian fellowship and a sex-before- marriage Christian fellowship.

Anne Atkins, vicar's wife, on Radio 4's 'Thought for the Day', condemning church tolerance of homosexuality.

Delia is so big, I can see a time when she'll be doing Wembley Stadium. Cookery is the new rock 'n' roll.

Sue O'Brien, promoting Delia Smith's first national tour