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Fashion is dead.

Giorgio Armani, fashion designer

Saying fashion is dead is a very fashionable thing to say.

Katherine Hamnett, fashion designer

Better an unfair distribution of wealth than a perfect equality of fear.

PJ O'Rourke, on why he thinks the Russians are better off as capitalists

How could we have believed anything so preposterous?

Peregrine Worsthorne, former 'Sunday Telegraph' editor, recanting on his Cold War view that humanity would have been better dead than red

He was always a wild child.

Hildegard, sister of Helmut Kohl, on her brother

The reason no one reads novels any more is that most of them are written by novelists.

AA Gill, a journalist whose first novel has just been published

I hope I haven't told you too much.

Stephen Byers, Labour employment spokesman, after a dinner with journalists at The Seafood Restaurant in Blackpool

I feel quite honoured that some- thing like that could have happened here.

Laurence James, manager of The Seafood Restaurant