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She deserves better than to be perpetuated as an old-age pensioner about to lose her bungalow.

Brian Sewell, art critic, on a new portrait of the Queen by Antony Williams

Anything to do with my private life is my private life.

Rupert Allason, Tory MP

Here we are in the House of Commons, at the heart of a great tea-drinking nation, and what we get is a bit of dust at the bottom of the pot.

Douglas French, Tory MP, protesting at the use of powdered tea in Parliament

We will seek a lower profile in crisis, and then change the perception, little by little.

Howard Rubenstein, the Duchess of York's new spin doctor

I have found as a fact that [Westminster] council was involved in gerrymandering.

John Magill, district auditor, at the end of a seven-year inquiry

There is little point in telling colleagues that we have to face up to tough choices if the moment the choices loom we seek solace in the status quo.

Tony Blair, Leader of the Opposition, on Labour's proposal to withdraw child benefit from 16- to 18-year-olds