Quotes of the week

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Don't be silly, my Neville would never do a thing like that.

Eva Hawkins, wife of Neville Hawkins, before he confessed he had eavesdropped on the Duke of Edinburgh

Going from Barbie to Thelma and Louise is not necessarily progress. We have equal-opportunity violence now.

Robert Lichter, of the US Centre for Media and Public Affairs, who believes that women who watched 'Wonder Woman' and 'Charlie's Angels' as children are aggressive

NBA players are smart enough to know you get the virus from unprotected sex, and we're not going to have unprotected sex on the basketball court.

A player commenting on the return of Earvin "Magic" Johnson, who is HIV- positive, to playing basketball

Our obsessions, or rather those of our tabloid editors, seem so petty and joyless compared to the perspective of foreign cultures.

Rory Bremner, comedian

Most of them are uncivilised and ignorant. I think they are becoming too narrow and professional. They are certainly not cultivated.

Douglas Hurd, former Foreign Secretary, on the new generation of MPs