quotes of the week

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My stuff is too intelligent for a mass audience.

Alexei Sayle, comedian

Glaswegians speak English rather than Scots, but it is very, very difficult to understand.

Liberal Democrat publication

I cannot honestly say that as we sit around the Cabinet table, the first thing we would spend money on is buying back the share capital [of Railtrack].

Tony Blair at the Forte Crest Hotel in Gatwick

Sweden, the most miserable society in Europe, has nothing to teach us on any subject.

Auberon Waugh, columnist

We consider it most important that no one should get the impression that Germany wants to dominate others as the strongest economic power.

Theo Waigel, Germany's finance minister

I am not very good at accounts either.

Judge Gerald Butler to Sting, rock star, allegedly swindled out of millions by his accountant