Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:



Commodore: JHAJ Armstrong - Greenwich as Cmdt.

Captains: RAY Bridges - Raleigh; CJ Childs - MOD Bath; AL Chilton - Staff of 2SL/CNH; PA Dunt - Staff of 2SL/CNH in the rank of Commodore; R. Harding - Neptune; DC Murray - NAAFI HQ. MC Shirley - Staff of 2SL/CNH in the rank of Commodore.

Commanders: C. Allwood - Centurion; RP Boissier - Cumberland in Cmd; LP Brokenshire - Staff of 2SL/CNH; TGL Burne - Portland; RA De S. Cosby - Nato Italy; PT Docherty - Nottingham in Cmd; GP Ewins - MOD London; D. Ford - Nelson; WD Frisken - MOD Taunton; M. Goodman - Osprey; RD Harbroe-Bush - Staff of 2SL/CNH; MJ Holmes - MOD Bath; AR Jackson - Nato Belgium; H. Keay - Greenwich; PB Mathias - Staff of FOSM Northwood; BM Pancott - Invincible; NJ Pearson - Fleetlands in the rank of A/Captain; NJF Raby - MOD Bath; IJW Richardson - Greenwich; I. Shepherd - Staff of FOSF; DL Stanesby - Staff of CINCFLEET; CD Thomas - Staff of 2SL/ CNHR; F. Watts - Staff of 2SL/CNH; RE Wormald - Devonport; GN Wright - Devonport.

Surgeon Commander: ASC Allison - MOD London.


Brigadier: DH Roberts - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: DR Arthur RA - to Royal Brunei Armd Fcs; IM Daniell RE - to HQ RSME; AG Morrison RLC - to MOD; MJ Rutledge 9/12L - to be CO 9/12L; ACWN Sernberg Cheshire - to IMRO (S).


Wing Commanders: BG Benstead - to HQ LC; CL Bond - to HQ PTC; J. Bristow - to HQ LC; WD Butterworth - to HQ LC; RJ Cassady - to Shape; CC Chacksfield - to HQ STC; EH Dunn - to HQ LC; JH Easton - to HQ AFCENT RAFE; I. Evans - to D Air Plans; WG Evans - to D Def Concepts; FE Fisher - to HQ PTC; SC Heppenstall - to HQ 18Gp; MJL Hurcombe - to MOD (PE) DGSAP HQ; SS Keen - to HQ STC; RJC Kiralfy - to HQ LC; RJ Milsom - to HQ PTC; P. Mitchell - to HQ PTC; FL Mogford - to HQ PTC; CH Moran - to 4 Sqn Laarbruch; JR Patterson - HQ 11 Gp B Priory; DM Rait - To HQ LC; GT Scard - to DUK Joint Warfare; MJ Selby - to HQ PTC; DA Stangroom - to RAF Handling Sqn; BJ Stokes - to HQ PTC; CJ Trigg - to Staff C Bracknell; SW Turner - to MOD AFC/DASBC; NV Vaughan-Smith - to HQ LC; MS Taylor - To HQ LC; WL Whyte - to BDS Washington.