Sexual harassment and the 'hejab'

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From Ms Julie Hynds

Sir: Mrs K. L. Boukeras (letter, 13 June), an Islamic convert who advocates the hejab as a defence against sexual harassment, might care to reflect that a glimpse of stocking was once considered shocking. Now, of course, "anything goes", and I can walk down any street in Britain in my normal loose top and trousers without attracting unwelcome attentions.

This is not the case in Islamic countries I have visited, where harassment is routine and I have even been followed into the ladies' loo.

I understand that bone weakness is a real problem among lifelong hejab wearers because of their lack of Vitamin D, normally produced in the skin on exposure to sunlight. Surely, this proves that God did not intend us to be shrouded in black from head to foot?

Yours faithfully,



North Yorkshire

13 June