Sunday trains in 'dry' Wales: Letter

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Sir: I was interested to read Tony Heath's article (5 October) on the "dry" part of Wales and its effect on the locality around Porthmadog.

I was a volunteer buffet steward on the Festiniog Railway for several years in the 1970s, when the "dry" area was much greater than it is now. Then the railway's Sunday trains were usually packed with drinkers, and it took considerable skill and effort to maintain stocks during the day.

I recall one local character who would join the first train of the day at Penrhyn at 11.30, drinking pints steadily for the duration of the journey to Ddaullt and back, leaving the train at 12.45 to have lunch at home. When the train returned to Penrhyn at 1.30 he climbed on board again to resume his drinking.

I remember him once being upset because I couldn't serve him whilst the train was standing at Porthmadog station.