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POTS AND KETTLES: Scribes and Pharisees who strained at gnats and swallowed camels; the sinners who stoned the adultress; Henry VIII, Defender of the Faith until he needed an heir; 'A Conservative government is an organised hypocrisy' (Benjamin Disraeli); Uriah Heep, 'the 'umble', evilly plotted against his employer, Mr Wickfield; Jess 'the Bishop' Yates, treacly television hymn presenter, had the nation renouncing sin but went off with a showgirl; Tim Yeo, one of a few Tory MPs who should have foresworn preaching 'back to basics'; River Phoenix campaigned against drug-taking before taking a fatal overdose himself; 'We're all hypocrites - I think we need a revolution, but I'm scared I won't find a good moisturiser afterwards' (Brett Butler, US comedienne); the Lord Chancellor warned judges this week that drinking and driving, sexual harassment, dishonesty and kicking taxi drivers were no longer acceptable.