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17 July:

1408: A sow is hanged in the French town of Pont de Larche "for the crime of having murdered and killed a little child".

1790: Thomas Saint of London patents the first sewing machine.

1917: The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha changes its name to the House of Windsor.

1967: Launch of Britain's first anti-litter week.

18 July:

1927: The BMA, meeting in Edinburgh, expresses concern at the "threat" of a possible state medical service.

1979: Joyce McKinney is arrested in the US and charged with kidnapping a Mormon missionary for sexual purposes.

19 July:

1545: Henry VIII watches his flagship, the Mary Rose, sink in the Solent.

1821: George IV is crowned King, with his wife, Caroline of Brunswick, banned from attending the ceremony.

1848: Amelia Bloomer introduces her eponymous undergarments.

1918: Baseball is declared a "non-essential occupation" in the US under the "work or fight" law.

1919: An aeroplane aids the arrest of a speeding motorist in Los Angeles.

20 July:

Feast Day of Margaret of Antioch, patron saint of women in childbirth.

1621: A cow is sentenced to death by the law faculty of the University of Leipzig for killing a woman.

1885: Professional football is legalised in the UK.

21 July:

1797: Nelson loses an arm at Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

1809: Death of Daniel Lambert in Stamford. A former keeper of Leicester prison, he weighed 523/4 stones.

1969: Neil Armstrong takes a giant leap for mankind.

1984: James Fixx, 52, the man who popularised jogging, dies of a heart attack while jogging.

22 July:

1284: According to legend, the day of arrival of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

1478: Death of Philip the Handsome of Spain, husband of Joan the Mad.

1894: The first motor-car race is run from Paris to Rouen.

23 July:

1858: The oath of allegiance is modified to allow Jews to sit in Parliament.

1986: Prince Andrew marries Lady Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey.