Unease over widow's fight: Letter

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Sir: The argument for the end of secrecy about adoption has been won ("Secrets and lies keep families in the dark", 18 October). The practice of pretending someone else's child was biologically your own, simply because you were bringing them up (and loving them to bits) is well discredited.

Anyone now adopting has a good understanding that the child they are taking on will have every right in the future to seek out their biological parents and make what relationship they will with them.

The argument for the end of secrecy about surrogacy has yet to be fought. It amazes me that with all the debate, the future problems of the children of "egg donor and/or mixed sperm syringe conceptions", and their search for identity and roots, are not even being discussed.

To the best of my knowledge, no preparations are being made for the inevitable desire of the children of such conceptions to find out their biological origins, to meet their egg donor mothers, their half-siblings, their sperm- donor fathers and their other relatives (grandparents, aunts, uncles, half-cousins), or to deal with and fund the therapy/counselling needs.


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