Arty political protests against Coalition's Budget cuts

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The Cuts exhibition is the collaboration of 16 young illustrators, including myself, visually communicating opinions on the Coalition Government's controversial Budget cuts.

I will be contributing an array of satirical paper toys, depicting the key figures and elements of our Coalition Government thus far. Each of the toys will have a quirky, parodic use and will be available to purchase in a book full of templates for each model, which include a George Osborne scissor-holder, a Budget box for your spare change and a "Student Protester" that acts as a Post-It note holder.

Ranging from fine art to satirical cartooning, the diverse array of exciting artworks on show toy with many different mediums: screen prints, pen and ink, collage, paintings on wood, 3D paper models, water colours, linocuts and typography.

The few acts of mindless vandalism gave the student protests a bad name. This is what inspired us to organise and fund our own exhibition independently, as we believe that the pen is mightier than the fire extinguisher.

Studio 54 Architecture, London EC2 (020 7729 7818) 24 to 30 March