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One of the comics industry’s most successful artists and the co-publisher of DC Comics, the acclaimed Jim Lee, will see his work available in a special hardback collection with over 500 full-colour illustrations and pencil sketches.

Over the last twenty years, his dynamic artwork and innovative character and costume designs have been hailed as some of the finest art in the comics world.

Titan Books, gathering together art from across the range of Lee’s finest work, will be publishing 'Icons: The DC Comics and Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee,' a collection of full-colour illustrations and pencil sketches, spanning his career to date.

Taking in stunning and vivid renderings of super heroes including Batman and Superman and Deathblow, this volume also features Lee’s guest art for series such as Ex Machina, plus a host of previously unseen pieces.

Structured around an all-new interview with Jim Lee by comics journalist Bill Baker, this deluxe volume also features brand new art from Lee and an exclusive, all-new Legion of Super-Heroes ten-page story, written by Paul Levitz and illustrated by Jim Lee.

Icons: The DC Comics and WildStorm Art of Jim Lee, Jim Lee & Bill Baker, out on 29th October 2010.