Evewright's Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries

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A team of horses and an old-fashioned tractor might not be the standard tools of an artist, but they are fundamental to Evewright, who uses the British coastline as his canvas.

The London-based artist creates large-scale drawings in the sand and asks members of the public to walk the lines. His latest assistants, a Cumbrian riding school and their 15 Shire horses, battled gale force winds to bring the drawings to life.

Two short films and photographs capturing the experience will be on display at Four Corners gallery as part of the East End Film Festival from 29 April until 11 June.

Evewright has been developing his Walking Drawings project, a series of live experimental art installations involving the public, for six years. He said of his exhibition, Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries: “Walking Drawings combines the elements - sand, sea, air - to create a new way of making, seeing and experiencing drawing.

"The Walking Drawings allowed those who took part to express their individual stories within the work, which in itself was both surprising and moving to see.

"The drawings are a conduit for bigger happenings which cannot be controlled or repeated but which are inherently beautiful. Showing this work in London locates this artistic landscape idea in the city."

Walking Drawings: Across the Estuaries will be on display at Four Corners gallery, 121 Roman Road, London, from 29 April until 11 June. For more information visit http://www.fourcornersfilm.co.uk/