Fantasy band: Jacob Moore, Splashh

'Kody won't just sit back and drum, – he'll steal the show'

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Guitar: Jason Simon

He fronts stoner/psychedelic band Dead Meadow and is my favourite modern lead guitarist. He has a keen ear for phrasing and a real concept of space; he's mastered fuzzed-out tones with stabs of “wah wah” but can contrast it suddenly with dreamy picking.

Drums: Kody Nielson

As The Mint Chicks and Opossom front man, Kody won't just sit back and play the drums, he'll probably steal the show. His style has the meanness of punk but with a heavy Motown backbeat and flurries of unrepeatable chaos.

Bass: Kevin Parker

His bass playing on the Tame Impala records is one of my favourite elements of his music. It stays steady behind the drums until there's space for a counter melody. He never shies away from the opportunity for a bass lick, which I love. I'd guess he's another disciple of the Macca church of bass playing.

Vocals and synths: Bradford Cox

The guitars and drums in this band are going to be heavy so I'd have Deerhunter's Bradford Cox in to create contrast. He's written and sung some of my favourite songs ever. His voice is sweet and light but with a distinctive sneer. Live, he does amazing reverse delays and other effects creating this otherworldly ambient punk sound.

Splashh's debut album, 'Comfort', is out on 2 September on LuvLuvLuv