Feline photos: For the LOL of Cats


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They've conquered the internet and had their own film festival. Now cats are taking over our galleries. Imagine what they could do if they had thumbs. The latest stage of the feline invasion comes with a new show For the LOL of Cats, at London's Photographers' Gallery. It explores online cat culture from its infancy – think Victorian photos of dressed-up cats and digital snaps from the 1990s to the rise of pictures with misspelt captions (capshunz) that originated on message boards but have become a mainstream meme via the Icanhascheezburger site.

Confused? Don't be. Just turn up, look at the kitty pictures, learn more about mog-blog superstar Maru or perhaps attend a tutorial in taking the best cat snaps.

'For the LOL of Cats', The Photographers' Gallery, London W1 (www.thephotographersgallery.org.uk) to 16 January