Food for thought: Martin Creed

The artist and musician’s retrospective What’s the point of it? is at London’s Hayward Gallery until 27 April. His latest composition, Work No. 1815, will be performed on the newly refurbished Royal Festival Hall Organ on 30 March and his ballet Work No. 1020 will be staged at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 8 April. He tells Charlotte Cripps about his current reading, watching listening – and thinking ....

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I wish I could sleep in. I woke up with butterflies and dread as usual.


I ate a pain aux raisins and an almond polenta cake and felt sick, but I don’t know if it was because of the cake and the quantity or my feelings about the Hayward show.


I woke up with Jimmy fear. Jimmy is the name of the dog I just got. I can’t distinguish between Jimmy fear and exhibition fear. I watched House of Fools on TV and felt a lot better.


I did an interview about the album Mind Trap which just came out. The journalist asked me what I thought of it and I didn’t know. Later, I thought of some things.


I rehearsed all day with my band because of the gig on Saturday. It was hard work. The last gig I thought we played badly, so I wanted to try to work on it.


I woke up and thought: “Oh no, I’ve got to write this thing for The Independent. I’ve got to do it because I said I would.”


Writing things down, it seems like it’s only the bad things that come  to mind.