Hoppy against tyranny: talking about a revolutionary

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A new exhibition from activist and revolutionary John 'Hoppy' Hopkins has opened at the Idea Generation Gallery.

Hoppy's photographs chart London in the 1960s, including everything from the mundanity of queuing for the dole to a bird's eye view of Mick Jagger on stage.

Hoppy initially worked as a reactor scientist after graduating from Cambridge in 1955. However, after becomming involved in campaigns against the bomb, and a gift of a camera for his graduation, he later became a news photographer for the Sunday Times, Melody Maker and Peace News. He also co-founded the radical alternative newspaper the International Times, which featured contributions Germaine Greer and William Burroughs, and the infamous Tottenham Court Road venue the UFO club.

The images, many of which are being shown for the first time, offer a unique perspective of the era, and will be at Idea Generation Gallery, Chance Street, until July 19th.