In pictures: Artist Andy Stewart's new exhibition

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The juxtaposition of different mediums of expression seems to be the trademark signature of Andy Stewart, showing at a new exhibition opening this month at Sarah Myerscough Fine Art in London.

A previous exhibition of his paintings was inspired by T.S. Elliot’s ‘The Waste Land’. This time, Andy Stewart's new series, entitled Your Skin is like Vinyl is in reference to music rather than literature, of the process of layering rhythmic movement.

Stewart has developed an extensive range of mark-making, collisions and harmonious couplings, where the canvas acts as the artist's playground and where chance and controlled gesture are reconciled by compositional structure.

The canvasses of Andy Stewart are constructed by a variety of different materials: gloss paint, glitter and diamond dust, creating palpable and tactile surfaces. Very different to the smooth plastic of a vinyl record.

Thick paint is applied directly from a tube or pulled across the picture surface with a trowel, and contrasted with light folds of poured paint that find their own form.

Having graduated from Gloucester College of Art and Design 1985, he has since exhibited in numerous shows and worked on a variety of collaborations, with a growing number of followers.

Andy Stewart: Your skin is like vinyl, Sarah Myerscough Fine Art, 7 July – 6 August.