Photography exhibition: Drowned and other stories

A new exhibition of photographs by Argentinean photographer Seba Kurtis
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For more people than ever before, home is a moveable concept, stuck somewhere between a dream and a memory.

It is this feeling that Seba Kurtis, a young Argentinean photographer, aims to bring to his work on immigrants, negotiating the treacherous seas between Africa and Europe or traversing the lawless borders between Mexico and the United States.

His mulitlayered photographs are a product of his own experience of being on the move. Kurtis uses experimental techniques to show the transient nature of experience.

Seba Kurtis, 35, grew up in Buenos Aires under a violent dictatorship. He left for Europe and remained in Spain as an illegal immigrant for over five years. This experience became the main inspiration for his work.

Host Gallery, 1 Honduras Street, London, EC1Y 0TH. Tel: 020 7253 2770