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It's not unusual for Peter Lippmann to ruffle a few feathers. The fashion photographer has shot stilletos in smashed-up cars, cocktail rings on half-clean dinner plates and used, as you can plainly see here, live chickens to model luxury jewellery.

The inspiration for this particular shoot came when he was strolling around Paris's Natural History Museum and came across its stuffed-chicken collection. "They looked so snobby and proud," explains Lippmann. "I just thought they should be wearing jewels."

When the museum wouldn't lend him its birds, Lippmann sourced his own, live ones and "turned the studio into a farm. I would say they're a bit more difficult than models," he adds. "But it's just patience and being ready with the lights and just keeping at 'em."

And if you're wondering how he got one to pose with a Gucci earring in its beak, unfortunately Lippmann's not some sort of chicken whisperer. "Some of the jewellery was added in post-production later," he admits. "It was hard enough just to get them on film."

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